This Indian Tech Disruptor Is Changing India’s Health Insurance Claims System

This articles was first published on Forbes Asia Online.

If you suffer the misfortune of being an inpatient in the Indian medical system, you may find your time spent trying to file health insurance claims ends up being longer than your time as a patient, because it’s all being filed by hand. One company set out to be the first to solve this, finding an unusual new problem ahead.

After hearing about an inpatient insurance claims experience, Remedinet CEO Munish Daga says he realized that the process was unnecessarily painful, taking between four and six hours to complete in many cases.

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Our platform cuts claim adjudication time by 50%

This article was first published in Mint on 24th July.


Photo: Hemant Mishra/Mint

For health insurance to be truly cashless, it’s important that hospitals and insurers talk to each other in real time. Remedinet Technologies Pvt. Ltd is a cloud-based platform that aims to simplify the back-end of cashless claims by connecting hospitals to the insurers. Munish Daga, chief executive officer of the company, spoke to Mint and explained how the platform reduces the turn-around time on claims settlement.

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Remedinet’s pill for cumbersome insurance claims

This story was first published in the April issue of Forbes India Magazine.

If patients find it difficult to get their claims cleared and approved by insurance companies, hospitals too face their own share of bottlenecks while dealing with cashless insurance claims.

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Health Insurance in 2016: Will the consumer be king?

This story was first published in the January issue of Express Healthcare.

Munish Daga, CEO, Remedinet recommends using the mobile phone as a medium to improve health insurance coverage in the coming year

201601ehm65Keeping the current government’s Universal Health Assurance Mission (UHAM) in mind, a solution that promotes universal healthcare will have to use technology in a way that is simple and robust, as well as scalable. The focus needs to be on a solution that aims to bring the consumers – the beneficiaries into the loop and enables them with the ability to use as well as monitor their health policy with minimum hassles and maximum transparency. More importantly, this solution should be able to make a scheme such as UHAM accessible to every single citizen of the country. And, that is the prediction for healthcare insurance, not just for 2016 but also for the foreseeable future.

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Using Technology To Aid Cashless Payments In Hospitals – Remedinet

This post was first published on Networked India in December.

India’s healthcare insurance segment remains a largely untapped market for new technologies, but its adoption rate is on the rise. Gross written premiums grew by 16% in 2012-2013 to Rs 15,341 crore. Although this rise is good news for the country, the hassle of filing an insurance claim when you/family member falls ill, still continues. The typical processes are done manually, where patients get physical copies of reports, scan them and then upload them. Cashless payments take plenty of time to be cleared and only account for about 30% of the insurance market.

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‘There definitely is a need to implement technological solutions to provide health insurance cover’

This story was first published in Express Healthcare in November.

Remedinet,, a healthcare IT solutions provider, recently tied-up with Bajaj Allianz for a healthcare insurance solution. Munish Daga, CEO, Remedinet Technologies shares more details of the agreement and elucidates how it would be beneficial to  simplify operations for Bajaj Allianz, in an interview with Lakshmipriya Nair Excerpts

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Health Insurance Claims Info Now at Finger Tips

This story was first published in Ehealth. 

Remedinet’s App for Cashless Settlement of Health Insurance Claims

Remedinet Technologies launched its electronic cashless claims exchange for health insurance mobile apps for Windows 8.1 and Android platforms with Microsoft Visual Studio, for making information on the status of cashless health insurances claims easily available to patients and hospitals. Insurance desks and resources working out of hospitals can download Remedinet – Hospital mobile app to access information regarding claims adjudication while patients can download Remedinet – Consumer app to check the status of their claims.

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