Fixing Health Insurance’s Health

This article was first published in the April-June issue of the IRDA Journal.

India, a massive country with a population of 1.2 billion (source: stands on the historically rich soil where Ayurveda was born and surgery techniques once flourished. It is ironic how its people are perishing in the absence of the same healthcare services in the present era. Innovations in science and technology have certainly improved the very field of healthcare but at the same time, have done little to nothing for the masses at large. A major part of the population does not have access to basic healthcare services while, the benefits of the innovations are enjoyed by the ones with deep pockets only.  For around 70% (source: world Bank)  of the population living in the rural areas, the healthcare facilities are in a dismal condition. The inadequate number of Public Healthcare Centres adds further to the woes. .

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This Indian Tech Disruptor Is Changing India’s Health Insurance Claims System

This articles was first published on Forbes Asia Online.

If you suffer the misfortune of being an inpatient in the Indian medical system, you may find your time spent trying to file health insurance claims ends up being longer than your time as a patient, because it’s all being filed by hand. One company set out to be the first to solve this, finding an unusual new problem ahead.

After hearing about an inpatient insurance claims experience, Remedinet CEO Munish Daga says he realized that the process was unnecessarily painful, taking between four and six hours to complete in many cases.

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Role of Intermediaries in Health Insurance

This story was first published in IRDAI’s February Journal.


Insurance is an important part of modern economics as well as the day-to-day life of any individual. Far beyond its role of protecting the country’s wealth, insurance is of greater significance to public interest and affairs. It is the only safety net that can help to reduce the financial burden one experiences in a calamity. Over the last few decades, insurance has become the critical tool that protects individuals, families and institutions against, accidents, natural calamities, and illnesses.

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Remedinet Technologies – Technology partner for Tamil Nadu Government Health Insurance Scheme

This article was first published in Ehealth.

The economically weaker sections of the Indian society often find it difficult to afford quality healthcare. Indian population living below the poverty line does not have necessary financial means to avail quality healthcare services. According to various studies, India has abysmal record on health care spending and one of the world’s poorest populations. India is home to the largest number of poor with one-third of the world’s 1.2 billion extreme poor living here. With 4 percent of GDP expenditure on healthcare, India ranks among the bottom five countries with the lowest public health spending globally.

With a view to provide affordable treatment to economically backward sections in Tamil Nadu, the Government of Tamil Nadu has introduced a scheme called the “Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme”. Members of families whose collective annual income is less than Rs. 72,000 are eligible to avail benefits under this scheme. The scheme currently covers 1.32 crore families in Tamil Nadu, where beneficiaries can get cashless treatment across 800+ hospitals for a set of pre-defined medical conditions. Each member is issued a card by the government, which can be used to avail medical treatment at any of the participating hospitals. This scheme is entirely cashless, and the premium is paid by the Government of Tamil Nadu on behalf of the beneficiaries to the Insurance Company. Read the rest of this entry »

Karnataka government collaborates with Remedinet Technologies

The press release first appeared in Express Healthcare.


Remedinet to provide technology support for ‘Rajiv Arogya Bhagya’ and ‘Jyothi Sanjeevini’

Remedinet Technologies has been signed on as the technology partner for Karnataka Government’s ‘Rajiv Arogya Bhagya’ and ‘Jyothi Sanjeevini’ cashless health insurance schemes. While Rajiv Arogya Bhagya Scheme aims to cover 33 lakh families above poverty line (APL) for catastrophic illnesses, Jyothi Sanjeevini scheme would support 5.6 lakh Karnataka Government Employees and their dependents. Aimed at providing affordable, cashless healthcare, both these schemes would run on the Remedinet payer provider network, fully geared towards making this process hassle free for about 1.6 crore Karnataka citizens. Read the rest of this entry »

A Software for Monitoring Health Schemes

This article first appeared in Deccan Herald. 

Technology has enabled a private firm to devise a foolproof platform to record the transactions and other details under the newly launched Jyothi Sanjeevini and Rajiv Arogya Bhagya healthcare schemes.DH Illustration For Representation

Quic Claim helps hospitals and govt share beneficiary details

Technology has enabled a private firm to devise a foolproof platform to record the transactions and other details under the newly launched Jyothi Sanjeevini and Rajiv Arogya Bhagya healthcare schemes.

The Quic Claim software, designed by Remidinet Technologies Private Limited, helps both the empanelled hospitals and the State government share information about the beneficiaries. The software also keeps patients in the loop.

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