About Remedinet

Indian healthcare insurance is witnessing a period of phenomenal growth and development. Cashless health insurance schemes have witnessed remarkable adoption across sectors, including at the grass root level. To ensure profitability and efficiency of operations, it is crucial for hospitals, insurance companies and TPAs to maintain complete accuracy and a quick turnaround time during the entire claim settlement process. However, dependency of these participants on the manual methods for data capturing and record maintenance is detrimental to the overall efficiency of the claim settlement and adjudication process.

Remedinet originated as a platform to provide technology solutions for overcoming this limitation of the current claim settlement process. Remedinet solutions enable capturing and exchange of relevant data for claim settlement in a structured and electronically readable format. By providing tailor made solutions for the payers and the payees, Remedinet brings them at the same platform and simplifies the claim adjudication and settlement process. The solutions provided by Remedinet eliminate inaccuracies and make it easier to monitor the progress of the entire process. They bring in greater transparency thereby reducing the overheads of disputes and multiple to and fro between hospitals and payers.

Their simple solutions for the seamless exchange of information between payer and payee have made Remedinet a key technology partner in implementation of various government health insurance schemes and in ensuring their success.
By shifting the data capturing and exchange to Remedinet platforms, several insurance companies, TPAs and hospitals have made the claim settlement process accurate, simpler and standardized. With their technology solutions, Remedinet is facilitating the adoption of global best practices by the Indian health care industry.


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